JW6VDA Svalbard until May 9
3D2 Fiji QRV from Nandi
A35JP Tonga until October
FR8UA Reunion Is. until June
JD1BMH Ogasawara until May 7
JU100DX Mongolia until July 10

UP55L Kazakhstan until May 20
VP8ZMS Falkland Is. Mount Pleasant
YL50AGCW Latvia until June 1


While most of the major Spring contests are over until the May 29 CQ WW WPX-CW contest, there are still many opportunities for contest operation this weekend. For RTTY operators, you might consider participating in the VOLTA WW RTTY Contest. The CQ-M International Contest offers both CW and SSB modes in a worldwide contest. CW operators who like Sprints will have a great time with the SKCC Sprintathon. There is also a short 50 MHz Sprint Saturday evening that might appeal to 6-Meter ops.

Lastly, if you are doing the State QSO Party Challenge, you have the Arkansas QSO Party on Saturday.

This is just a summary of the contests that I think you might be interested in. Please take a look at WA7BNM's Contest Calendar.

VOLTA WW RTTY Contest: 1200Z, May 8 to 1200Z, May 9
CQ-M International DX Contest: 1200Z, May 8 to 1159Z, May 9
SKCC Weekend Sprintathon: 1200Z, May 8 to 2400Z, May 9
50 MHz Spring Sprint: 2300Z, May 8 to 0300Z, May 9
Arkansas QSO Party: 1400Z, May 8 to 0200Z, May 9
CQ WW WPX Contest, CW: 0000Z May 29 to 2359Z May 30