Newsletter of the

Texas DX Society

May 1995

Volume XIX The Texas DX Society, P.O. Box 540291 Houston, TX 77254-0291

Number 5

President Bob Perring, N5RP
Vice President Dale Martin, KG5U
Secretary Ron Marosko, KK5DK
Treasurer Mike Davidson, KC5CP
Legal Chairman Chuck Dietz, KE5FI
Contest Chairman Joe Staples, W5ASP
Field Day Chairman Bob Burns, W5SJS
Repeater Chairman Brent Levit, NT5D
Bullsheet Editor Dave Sarkozi, WB5N
DX Chairman Clarence Sharp, K5DX


Meeting - The Texas DX Society Meets the second Friday of each month, except when the date is changed by the Board of Directors. The February meeting will be Friday 12, 1995 at the Tracy Gee Community Center, 3599 Westcenter Drive. This location is one block east of the Sam Houston Tollway (Beltway 8) between Richmond and Westpark. The meeting will begin promptly at 7 PM. Visitors are welcome to attend, and may obtain help in finding the location by checking in on 147.96/36 MHz.

The Prez Sez - de Bob, N5RP


I write this as I sit on a plane in Cincinnati, on my way home via Chicago O'Hare, after attending the Dayton Ham Convention. It has been a great trip with K5AAD, K5NU, and N5KTN along as traveling companions. Ahhh, the land of White Castle Hamburgers, Rubber Ducky Helmets, and the experience of seeing techy shoppers quibble over the price difference of an asking price of $2.00 vs. an offer price of $1.00.

Tomorrow, I leave for VS6 and BY for a while, so I have to get what few thoughts I am capable of storing in my little brain into this computer for forwarding to WB5N for the Bullsheet.

For those of you that missed last month's meeting, well you REALLY missed a meeting. KK5DK and K2TNO certainly packaged up an event that will be hard to equal for quite some time to come. THANKS ONE WHOLE LOT, GUYS !!

I will not be here for the May meeting so I hope everyone will be able to get along without me. The Tracy Gee room is reserved.

I surely do hope that I will come back to discover that FD is arranged in our usual fine fashion for an all out TDXS intergalactic high score in whatever category we elect to plunge into.

I guess by now everyone is aware of the November Hamfest that has been developed for this year. Thanks, of course to our NZ5I, N5DC, and all of the others for the fine effort. I have put together a few stimuli for our mutual thought processes, and hope that these ideas might mature into reality, in some shape, form, or fashion, as time goes along.



What do you think of a Field Day type multi SS setup for the Hamfest. Wanna play ?


A few motor homes, the N5RP BugWagon, maybe a deluxe operating area set up over in a sound deadened area of the convention for the station.

Crankup trailer tower with 2 elements for 40, TH6DXX for all else, or monobanders for the top 3 bands.

We could be computer controlled, packet connected, hooked up to a TV camera for a display inside of the Hamfest area, connected to an audio patch so everyone could hear our rate (a tap from the radio audio for both monitor function as well as what we are working)

We could even turn our score in as a whole new category "Hamfest". Submit two scores; "Field Day format", AND "SS format".


Surely we have the expertise to demonstrate, or compare the two main contest software logging programs. Maybe, a very basic presentation so as to entice new entrants into the contest



How about an INTERNET demonstration and its interface capabilities to amateur radio.


I think we can get K5IU to come down and give a presentation on his revolutionary antenna design concepts.


How about a packet seminar showing its relevance to DX'ing and contesting.


A receiver design or performance comparison seminar. (K2TNO ?)




Auction, possible conflict with hospitality suite? Silent auction ? Open bid auction ?


Ticket sales for what type of gear. $$$$ scale. Who runs with this one ?





If ever there was an opportunity for the TDXS to get a good kick start out of the blocks on a new venture, and become a main player in association with an organization that benefits us all, it might very well be NOW. I am sure that the Houston Hamfest group will remember us for quite some time to come if we put some forth just a little effort at helping them out with their new venture.

As we well know, when the TDXS starts out putting forth just a little effort into something, it quickly blossoms into something of major proportions and performance. I don't see why the first weekend in November should be handles any differently.

Fellows, there are so many aspects of the Hamfest that need a dedicated TDXS member to champion, I really do hope that i might come home to find a list of volunteers for performance on each and every one of them.

DAYTON .....

Weather was great this year, although this morning (Sunday) as we left, the weather was looking like the old Dayton rain sorta thing. I saw old members up there; K5NA, K5MA, K5ZD.

Saw the new ICOM radios; IC706 and IC776 .... WHOA, Feature rich !

The crowd was huge this year, and there were the usual odd goodies to be had that one just can't live without, or find the ability to pass by as they are revealed to you by flea market purveyors. All in all, I showed remarkable strength in not buying too much, but exhibited shrewd wisdom in grabbing onto some invaluable goodies at remarkable prices. Just the kind of thinking that makes my junk room so well stocked and supplied with the remnants of yester year's great ideas.

If you have never been top Dayton, you have never been to a Hamfest. It is truly one of the hobby's main events.

I wonder if the Houston event might be viewed that same way 25 years from now. The TDXS can be a big part of what OUR Hamfest becomes. LET'S BE A BIG PLAYER. HECK, LET'S BE "THE" BIG PLAYER !!!

Hold down the fort while I'm gone. Get Field Day humming. Maybe I'll bring back everyone a fake Rolex. CU from XX9 ?!?!?! We'll see !

N5RP, Bob

Houston, Texas


Results - 1994 Texas QSO Party

de Henry, W5HNS

Activity in the 1994 Texas QSO Party was up from the previous year. Most participants agreed that band conditions were generally poor. But the high level of activity from the Texas mobiles encouraged out-of-state participants to persist in their efforts. Unfortunately only a few of those brave Texas mobileers submitted their logs, leaving the field wide open for other entries. The final results from a total of 45 entries are presented below. All entrants have been sent appropriate certificates reflecting their finish and participation.



KI3L 135,543

K5KG/2 102,195

W6UQF 99,004

N2AA 91,278

KB9AMG 59,400

N7JXS 53,631

K6X0/7 34,50

K4BAI 33,920

W7WMO 26,554

K0YIP 19,278


W3DYA 64,130


K5RC 195,150

KI3L 135,542

W3DYA 65,890

KC5ALW 38,522

K5HDU 12,688

KC5CP 9,135

K5EC 8,174

WK5K 6,552

WB5CRG 6,188

WB5UDA 5,412

W5NR 5,280

KB5ZRV 682

N5ZIS 266

KB7UIS/5 36

The 1995 Texas QSO Party will take place on October 21-22. The formal announcement and rules will appear in a later issue of the Bullsheet.

Contest Corner de Joe, W5ASP

(the contest corner was missing from the April Bullsheet due to an error on the part of the editor. My apologies to TDXS and Joe - ed.)

(What follows was written for the April issue of the Bullsheet...)

To many the contest season ends with the WPX SSB contest the end of March. While the WPX CW and IARU still lie ahead, the summer doldrums are fast approaching and the renewal of serious contesting in the fall seems far away. However, a look at the Contest Calendar below will reveal quite a different picture.

Yea, there are actually two "new" contests, the GridLoc and the Friendship. The first one is a HF version of the popular VHF events involving grid square chasing, while the Friendship affair is an effort by the Russians to get back on the contest circuit. Both should prove interesting weekend activities, even for the non-serious contester.

Looks like it was a one-two sweep for TDXS station owners K5NA and K5XI in the ARRL DX SSB. Richard's crew made the most of the "east-coast-advantage" and took the top spot with Sid's minions in hot pursuit. Having operated from K5NA's during ARRL, I can attest to the very real advantages of his QTH. Steel, aluminum and desire can make up only so much ground.... kudos to both!

In what at times resembled a performance by the 3-Stooges, K5GA, N5RP and W5ASP managed to put VP2MDE on the air during WPX SSB. We did quite a creditable job for the first 30 hours, but then Billy and Bob took their toys and went home. Maybe next time I'll get a full effort out of them. At least this trip there were no earthquakes, wind-driven rains or power outages. Hey... doesn't anyone in TDXS operate radio anymore? We heard only a couple of you guys while we were there.

And I for one am delighted that Igor is back! Thanks Rich.

(And this is the May commentary...)

Having just returned from Visalia and Dayton, I'm pleased to report that, at least among the contest and DX crowd, ham radio is alive, well and thriving. There's plenty of controversy, e.g. BS7H vs. the ARRL Awards Committee, and the debate over two-radio contesting. This tends to keep the juices flowing and the mind keen even during sunspot lows. Lots of folks in the suites and hallways from all over the world. Plenty of new faces and, surprisingly enough, quite a number of younger folks among the crowds.

You'll notice that in the Scores listed below there are results from three of last years major contests... Sweepstakes, CQ WPX CW, and the August '94 NA QSO Party. The TDXS placed 10th in SS, 28th in WPX and 3rd (CW)/4th (SSB) in the NAQP. Probably not too bad, especially when we made NO club effort in SS or WPX, and fortunately needed only 5 man teams in NAQP. Obviously, we are NOT a true "contest club". Last year's 3A win in Field Day was pleasant but not particularly significant.

My point is merely to pose the question, "Do we care enough to do something about this situation?" Is there enough interest within the club to consider a real "club effort" for SS or CQ WW this year? Let me know if you'd like to give it a try.



** Results **

1994 ARRL 160-Meter

K5NA 1297 Qs x 115 Mlts = 349,715 #2 SO/Hi Pwr

K5DX 341 Qs x 72 Mlts = 49,752

W5ASP 300 Qs x 64 Mlts = 38,592

August 1994 North American QSO Party

TDXS Teams - CW

#1 - 3rd (K5GA,AD5Q,KN5H,W5ASP)

#2 - 8th (KI3L,KE4GY,NZ5I,WY7U,N5NMX)

#3 - 11th (K5DX,K5RC,AC5K,K5EC)

#4 - 10th (K5KG,KB5YVT,AB5TV)

W5WMU (K5GA)- 618 x 206 = 127,308 #2 USA

AD5Q - 571 x 191 = 109,061 #6 USA

K7UP (KN5H) - 589 x 176 = 103,664 #8 USA

KI3L - 483 x 156 = 75,348

KB5YV - 442 x 162 = 71,604

N5NMX - 421 x 168 = 70,728

W5ASP - 461 x 149 = 68,689

KE4GY - 375 x 136 = 51,000

K5EC - 289 x 115 = 33,235

K5DX - 257 x 120 = 30,840

WY7U - 225 x 94 = 21,150

NZ5I - 150 x 85 = 12,750

K5KG/M - 133 x 51 = 6,783

AB5TV - 102 x 55 = 5,610

AC5K - 68 x 45 = 3,060

K5RC/M - 76 x 35 = 2,660

TDXS Teams - SSB

#1 - 4th (K5NA, KI3L,N5RP,WB5CRG)

#2 - 8th (K5DX,N5NMX,ZF2NE)

#3 - 12th (AA5NK,WY7U,N5PJI,NZ5I)

#4 - 18th (K1TU)

K5NA - 735 x 157 = 115,395 #8 USA

KI3L - 452 x 118 = 53,336

N5NMX - 435 x 110 = 47,850

K5MA - 301 x 67 = 40,334

WB5CRG - 398 x 101 = 40,198

AA5NK - 400 x 94 = 37,600

N5RP - 350 x 100 = 35,000

K5DX - 343 x 97 = 33,271

WY7U - 230 x 91 = 20,930

K1TU - 187 x 60 = 11,220

K5EC - 176 x 52 = 9,152

ZF2NE (W5ASP) - 200 x 44 = 8,800

N5PJI - 113 x 50 = 5,650

NZ5I - 56 x 32 = 1,792

NT5D (w/ WB5N) - 783 x 130 = 101,790 Multi-Op

1994 ARRL Sweepstakes - CW

W5WMU (K5GA) - 1492 x 77 = 229,769 #4 USA

K5GN - 1420 x 77 = 218,680 #6 USA

W5ASP - 1012 x 75 = 151,800

KB5YVT - 500 x 73 = 73,000

KI3L - 493 x 67 = 66,067

KC5CP - 244 x 65 = 31,720

AC5K - 916 x 75 = 137,400 Lo Pwr

KZ8E - 727 x 76 = 110,504 Lo Pwr

K5WA - 289 x 70 = 40,460 Lo Pwr

K1TU - 222 x 65 = 28,860 Lo Pwr

1994 ARRL Sweepstakes - SSB

W5ASP - 700 x 76 = 106,400

KI3L - 534 x 70 = 74,760

K5EC - 424 x 77 = 65,296

K1TU - 538 x 76 = 81,776 Lo Pwr

KZ8E - 326 x 76 = 49,552 w/ Net

WY7U - 240 x 77 = 36,960 w/ Net

1994 CQ World-Wide WPX CW

NT5D - 287 Q x 202 Pfx = 44.460 #1 USA 15M/Lo Pwr

GM0/W5ASP - 989 Q x 413 Pfx = 1,224K #1 GM 40M

GM0ECO - 815 Q x 381 Pfx = 508K #1 GM 20M


ARRL International DX - SSB

K5NA = 2+ M M/S

K5XI (w/ K5RC,KI3L,...) = 2,048,046 M/S

W5ASP 630 Qs x 107 Mlts = 202,230 SO/15M

N5NMX 157 Qs x 66 Mlts = 31,086 SO/15M (New harmonic 3/1 !!)

CQ World-Wide WPX - SSB

VP2MDE (K5GA,N5RP,W5ASP) 3005 Qs x 785 Pfx = 7.85 M M/S (30 Hrs)

Contest Calendar

May 10 Top of Europe Contest SSB

May 27 CQ WW WPX CW Contest

June 09 Han-Comm - Arlington, TX

June 10 ARRL VHF QSO Party

June 17 All Asian CW DX Contest

June 24 ARRL Field Day


April was a good month for us. We again had flux levels in the 80's & 90's for a good part of the month and enjoyed night path propagation on 20. Then they took a dive below 70 and the polar windows were still open on 20, but not as well. As I write this, the ionosphere is disturbed and conditions are off. At this time of the year, all we need is a quiet geomagnetic situation for plenty of DX. Seasonally, the high bands don't get any better than this at the low end of the cycle. The WPX CW contest is coming up, and is one of few remaining contests where we can enjoy night path pipelines to Europe and Japan on 20.

One factor we won't have to worry about this year is summer absorption. At the high end of the cycle, this stifles 10 Meter DX from May through August and effects 15 during midsummer. Since these bands are not producing anyway, there is no need to worry. May is a good month for 15 Meters, so we can still expect marginal openings to Europe when the flux gets above 80. Most DX activity, however, will be on 20.

DX windows to remote parts of the world are important. Long haul paths over the pole provide contacts to rare spots like A5, XZ, YA, 9N, VU4, VU7 & S2. Europeans need these same windows to work parts of the Pacific. When expeditions are launched to these locations, the season has much to do with your chances of making the contact. Even at the top of the solar cycle, 10 Meter propagation is scarce in midwinter. Polar paths are always difficult on 40 and very formidable on lower frequencies. The best all around band for polar work is 20. (At the top of the cycle, 15 is awesome - but not any more.) At the low end of the cycle, the polar paths on 20 are only reliable during the late spring and summer. This is when you hope these rare DX spots are activated. 17 and 30 meters would also be good to watch for this difficult propagation. The windows open in both the evening and the morning.

20 Meter openings to the far east are improving in the morning, and will become a daily pipeline through the summer. Evening openings will continue to improve to Russia as the gray line tilts in that direction. East/west paths are not a problem and never are. We have more bands to choose from when working these paths, even including 10 Meters. It is wise to catch Pacific expeditions on the low bands around our sunrise, even in midsummer.

It is my opinion that stateside sporadic E on 10 Meters (and 6) is much better at the low end of the sunspot cycle. This season is upon us, and includes Field Day. Expect plenty of activity on 6 this year. or

DX de Sharp, K5DX

ZL8, KERMADEC ISLAND. G4MFW/ZL8 will be on May 5 15th on 15, 20, 40 and 80 meters.

GB5, GUERNSEY ISLAND. G50LIB will be on May 7-13th all bands CW, SSB and RTTY. Qsls to the G bureau or GU3HFN's CBA or P. O. Box 100, St. Peter Port, Guernsey, Channel Islands, vis UK.

YL, LATVIA. YL100R on all bands and modes through May 21st. Qsl to YL-100-R, P. O. Box 100. Riga-7, Latvia, LV-1007. Europe.

SV9, CRETE. Will be on May 9-16th on 160-10 meters, all modes. Qsl to HA0HW for all SV/HA calls.