Newsletter of the

Texas DX Society

June 1995

Volume XIX The Texas DX Society, P.O. Box 540291 Houston, TX 77254-0291

Number 6

President Bob Perring, N5RP
Vice President Dale Martin, KG5U
Secretary Ron Marosko, KK5DK
Treasurer Mike Davidson, KC5CP
Legal Chairman Chuck Dietz, KE5FI
Contest Chairman Joe Staples, W5ASP
Field Day Chairman Bob Burns, W5SJS
Repeater Chairman Brent Levit, NT5D
Bullsheet Editor Dave Sarkozi, WB5N
DX Chairman Clarence Sharp, K5DX


Meeting - The Texas DX Society Meets the second Friday of each month, except when the date is changed by the Board of Directors. Visitors are welcome to attend, and may obtain help in finding the location by checking in on 147.96/36 MHz.

This month's meeting will be TDXS Field Day effort. Please attend, and as always visitors are welcome and encouraged. Directions are given below.

From the Editor - de Dave, WB5N

This is an abbreviated edition of the Bullsheet because it is combined with the May Bullsheet. I have to apologize that the May Bullsheet did not get mailed due to our secretary getting hit by a bus (really its a true story, ask him at Field Day). Note: I'll have pictures! - Ron

The Prez Sez - de Bob, N5RP


RP4, JT1, HS0, BV7, BT9, VK, 7Q7, 9M2, HL, BY1, VS6, JA's Galore ! Believe me when I tell you that there is no way for any of my fellow members to be hearing the stuff I am hearing this evening on my new all band antenna !

Signals are at an AGC thumping 599+ level from everywhere, and the night has just begun. It is 18:45 local time and all of the bands seem to be hopping with their own particular brand of really rare DX. After all these years, I have finally discovered the magical combination of location and antenna for world-wide signal extraction from the ionosphere. My secret ? A crawler crane on the deck of a Korean work barge located in the South China Sea. I have taken my little Sony portable receiver with the fishing reel antenna, coupled the antenna to my receiver, and then hung the antenna on to the cable of the crane which shoots up well over an additional 100 feet into the air from off of the deck of the living quarters barge that is to be my home for the next several weeks.

What could I have been thinking ? Why did I not drag along my little HW-8 and "just go for it" ?

Oh well! The fact that the seas are too rough for the quarters barge to stay connected to the production platform that I am here to work on, and there will be nothing for me to do for the next 4-5 days except read magazines under sunny skies while enjoying the brisk cooling breezes from the North, only causes me to ask that same question over and over with a maddening redundancy.

Somehow, I was of the impression that we had so very much communications available to us today. We have had television for so many years as to cause us to take for granted our taking of that media for granted. At every street corner we have access to telefax, e-mail, beepers, etc.

Well, I am here to tell you, there are still those instances when good old ham radio can outdo them all. Being stuck out here on this undulating football field sized slab of rust and creosoted timbers only serves to confirm my realization of that fact. I am in a situation where all of today's readily available communications conveniences are removed from me as the 1,000 foot distance between my living quarters barge and the multi-story production platform that accommodates all of those "today communication conveniences". Because of rough seas that prevent our being attached to the platform that we are out here to work on, I am stuck out here in the South China Sea with Sony ears but very little else, with which to make contact to the outside world. Oh for my little HW-8 and a hank of wire !

Even the things we learn as HAMS, beyond DX'ing and Contesting, can come into play. The guys up in the navigation room have attempted to make a TV antenna out of a fan screen, some welding rod, copper wire, coat hangers, and a broom stick; all to not much fruition. (A Jackson Pollack sort of contraption)

Shazzam ! Up limps N5RP with the high tech solution of resonant lengths, .15 and .20 wavelength spacing, and a computer, all be it void of the Yagimax program. Again, what could I have been thinking ? Well, back to basics of learned formulae and retained memory, such as it is.

Our past two TDXS meetings have had to do with the new, and to some of our members, exotic INTERNET; that exciting new world of high tech communications. I, as I write this article from around 21 degrees North by 115 degrees East on my small Compaq computer, I cannot touch that so called "readily accessible" new world from this isolated South China Sea "paradise". My simple HW-8 would provide me with that access to the world.

The June TDXS meeting will bring us back to that same type of communications reality. YOUR June meeting will be Field Day, back to our roots, back to what we, as the TDXS, do best ..... Q's at a fast clip with our group of operators who now how to get the job done as it should be done. E.T. call home if you want, but the TDXS knows a better way !

I have said it before, and you must hear me say it again ......

Field Day is that singular club event where EVERY member has the chance to contribute to the common effort of the club with his or her own special ability. I truly do HOPE TO SEE ALL OF YOU at this year's non contest event. Your fellow club members also VERY MUCH WANT TO SEE EACH OF YOU at this year's numero uno club outing ! To not be present for TDXS Field Day is to let the rest of your club members down in a big way. To just make a presence in the form of an afternoon visitation is that is needed to confirm your interest in the rest of us.

73, N5RP/(close to VS6 & BY & 3W)

Field Day 1995

June 24-25

When: 18:00 UTC Saturday June 24 to 21:00 Sunday June 25.

Setup: Begins 18:00 UTC Friday June 23, 1995. Show up ready to work any time after that.

Category: 2A Club Portable, plus Novice, VHF/UHF, Satellite, and Packet stations.

What to bring: Lots of water (at least 2 gallons per day), cool clothes, sunscreen, insect repellent, a hat, work gloves, tent (if you want to stay on sight), food and cool drinks. Tools for antenna assembly are always needed (please marks your tools so they'll leave with you).

There is also lodging and restaurants nearby in Brenham, TX

Where: the W5SJS ranch near Brenham Texas.

How to get there: (1) take SH290 to Brenham, TX then go south of SH 36 about 8 miles to FM2754.

(2) take IH10 west to Sealy and SH36 north through Bellville about 15 miles to FM2754.

At Kenney (look for the tall, narrow, cylindrical watertower). There is a loop through Kenney, FM2754 is at the north end of the loop. Go about 2 miles southwest on FM2754 until you see 125' tower with tribander on it. There will be signs at SH36 and on FM2754. Look close the signs aren't very tall.

Who: All TDXS members past and present and anyone else interested in the TDXS and having a great time.