You can Do a DXpedition - final thoughts

by Cal White - WF5W

Now that you have been out there and doing DXpeditions and feel like you're ready for all actions, I just want to add a few tips on things that may have slipped by. They have for me, so I just want to make sure they havenít for you.

This is probably the final bit of advice from this old guy to you, the "newly seasoned DXpeditioner". One is never too old to learn what works and what doesnít.  If you recall from the earlier articles I mentioned "know before you go", that is know who you are going with.  I canít stress that enough!  A week or two is a long time to be with someone or a group of people that are not compatible. You may or may not have already found that one out.

But I digress, here are  a few basic principles that should form the bedrock of any DXpedition.

  1. Locate near a hotel or place to stay.  It should give you plenty of hot water for showers, good clean beds, fresh linen daily, security for your money, radios, etc.

  2. Places to eat that offer a variety of foods, nicely served and reasonable . A continuous cup of coffee available at the hotel/lodge and at the radio site.

  3. The means to get back and forth to your radio site and to where you live and eat.  NOT in too basic of transportation (meaning not on a donkey cart or the bed of a pickup).

  4. Make some plans to see the country side where you're doing your DXpedition.  Minor trips to the country side, maybe with local talent, but for sure a means to get out while you're off duty from the radio.

  5. IF you have all of the above, the little snippy things that come up, will be just that - minor things you can all deal with.  It is absolutely critical that you have great food and lodging in order to cope with all the other issues that Murphy can, and will throw your way during the DXpedition.

  6. Not to forget that you need some form of order as to who is on the radio and when.  A list that is agreed upon by the team members solves a lot of problems with possible band hogs.  The propagation detail, sunrise and sunset times for the targeted locations, and of course the means to have correct antennas pointing in the right direction complete this area of concern.

An addition to the things to bring along are also in order.  Several toroids and a couple of extra ground rods will help out with any potential RFI in your shack.

But to back up somewhat.  All of the gear you bring along should be completely field tested at home prior to your trip (in actual tests, not just a look see that you have the gear).

I think thatís about it for advice.  You have the experience now and the means to have a really great DXpedition.  

See you out there!!!

73ís Cal WF5W

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